It was parallel to the qualification date for the fire defense equipment industrial engineer’s examination

Hello, I’ll be the 30s of my introduction, I’m the 30s!
I think I will try to try to talk about the examination of fire facilities industry engineers.I wanted to go to college, but I didn’t have to work in the house, but I didn’t have to work for the first time, but I didn’t have to work for the first time. I had to.I thought that I was still not late, but I was looking for a job, but I was looking for the job, but I was looking for the work for the work.I’m going to get a high school graduate from online system that I could prepare for the examination for the first time, and I received the examination

As you may know, buildings have recently become more sophisticated and large-scale, so it is time for the law to be strengthened regarding the area where fire broke out.In addition to appointing a fire prevention safety manager, such as inspection, maintenance, fire use and handling management rather than fire extinguishing. If you become a technician, you will be treated well as an expert with high expertise.There are two fields, electrical and mechanical, so I decided to go first with machinery

Did you have to prepare for the fire equipment industry engineer’s qualification first?You need to have an academic background or two years of practical experience in the same field to be eligible for the test.Just in case, I checked the documents with the Korea Human Resources Corporation, but they didn’t recognize my background. So I finally chose an online degree system in lifelong education, which is equivalent to a university created for office workers and late students

To explain briefly to those who don’t know anything like me, it is a lifelong education system organized by the Ministry of Education.Anyone who graduated from high school can make a requirement to obtain a national technical certificate. They say they can fill out their resumes and go to graduate school later because they give them the same academic background as universities, but honestly, I’m not interested in this.I’m interested in my status and promotion, and if I can afford it later, I’ll try it then.”In order to qualify as a fire equipment industry engineer, I don’t have to do it in fire engineering. Rather, he made my plan focusing on subjects that are easy to take, saying that it can deprive me of my time studying for industrial engineering.” It’s easier just by looking at the curriculum, as we can proceed with business administration that focuses on production management.”

It was supposed to be 41 credits for a fire engineering engineer. Fortunately, there are many other ways to meet my requirements in four months. But if you go to school once, you can get a national certificate

I felt a lot of people who lived in this time, so I felt difficult to learn more than I thought, but I felt it was difficult to learn more than I thought.I learned that I learned only the basic thing to learn about the problem, but I’m not able to ask you to learn how to do it, but I’ve never heard that I could not listen to it. I could doI remembering my last week, so I’m going to keep pace with speed, so I think it’s the most important thing.I was very much more than 10 years, I could have to do it with the examination of fire facilities industry engineers and passed quickly and finish it quickly

I was very happy that I spent 4 months in the most efficient way. Thank you again to the person in charge who helped me so far. I always contacted you late after work and called you several times on weekends, but you were kind enough to tell me every time.^^ : Instead, I asked him if he would like to leave his impressions, but this is really difficult because I haven’t written many sentences ^^;; Currently, I have succeeded in getting a job and am learning safety management work on the spot. It may be awkward, I hope I can be of great help. If you have any other questions, the team leader will kindly let me know. ByeSo far, it has been a polite conversation from Kang @ Min. If you have any questions about the qualifications for the fire equipment industry engineer, you can receive 1:1 consultation through the flashing image abovePrevious Image Next ImagePrevious Image Next ImagePrevious Image Next Image